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ONE TIME OFFER: For just £4.95 get the 'Top 100 Verbs In The Quran' eBook which goes through the different variations of the top 100 verbs in the Quran. In the book you will find an introduction to verbs, verb conjugation and then for each verb the verb conjugation table which shows the different forms of each verb in terms of how it changes with the tense, person, gender, number, mood and voice. This eBook will help you better recognise the verbs in the Quran. All of this for just an extra £4.95! Check the box above to add this to your order.

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 ​​​Improve your understanding of the Quran by learning the meaning of the most frequently used words in the Quran.
  Study the top 300 words from the Quran that account for nearly 80% of all the words in the Quran.
 Verse examples for each word shows you how they are used in the Quran. 
  Your work is truly very good and very beneficial. I love your book. It is just fantastic and May Allah reward you all!  — Sister M.U
  This book is gold. I wish I had this a long time ago. It's exactly what everyone trying to understand the Quran needs.  — Brother Raed
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